Fox News Requires Employees To Get Vaccine

( Last week AdWeek broke a story that is going to make Brian Stelter’s head explode in confusion. Apparently the CEO of Fox News sent a memo to all staff on August 17 which updated the cable news network’s COVID-19 protocols. Among the updates was a requirement for all employees to provide Fox with their vaccination status.

How can Brian Stelter portray Fox as “anti-vax” now?

Back in June, Fox issued a memo encouraging fully-vaccinated staff to include their vaccination status into Workday. At the time the memo noted that employees who might be vaccinated, but had not provided that information to Workday, would be considered unvaccinated under Fox’s COVID policies.

In last Tuesday’s memo, CEO Suzanne Scott told employees that all employees would be required to input their vaccination status before the end of the day. This new policy applies to both on-site employees and those working remotely.

What’s more, Scott said that select employees at Fox’s New York offices would also be required to undergo COVID-19 testing at least once a week, regardless of vaccination status. The memo’s other updated guidelines included masking procedures as well as COVID-19 screening.

In the memo, Scott explained that these stricter protocols were being enacted in response to the spread of the more transmissible Delta variant, and the increase number of COVID-19 cases.

More and more companies and institutions are leaning into mandated vaccinations for employees. And on Monday, after the FDA granted official approval to the Pfizer vaccine, President Biden encouraged businesses, local governments, schools, non-profits and others to impose vaccine mandates as a condition of employment.

Meanwhile, as Republican-run states fight back against companies forcing employees to be vaccinated, RINO in MAGA clothing South Dakota governor Kristi Noem announced on Tuesday that she would oppose her Republican legislature’s “COVID-19 Vaccine Freedom of Conscience Act” prohibiting South Dakota businesses from mandating their employees get vaccinated.

Last month, Governor Noem told South Dakota workers to just find another job if they were unwilling to abide by their employers’ vaccine requirements.