Fox News Reports The DOJ’s Photos Of Trump’s Documents Are “Clearly” A Leak

( iOTWreport reports that a current FBI insider says that the DOJ’s recent release of images of secret papers that Donald Trump released was a component of a larger “deep state” plan. It appears to be a massive leak intended to harm Trump!

The insider said that it is unsettling to those who are familiar with how the FBI and the DOJ operate.

He said we should probably give them the benefit of the doubt, but what about all this information that is simply leaking out and making the case through the back door?

In agreement, Fox News host Martha MacCallum stated:

“Yes, no doubt about that, it is.”

The Justice Department provided new information on its investigation into how former President Donald J. Trump handled the hundreds of secret documents removed from the White House at the end of his tenure in a court filing on Tuesday that spanned 35 pages of type.

The part of the filing that was easiest to understand was tacked on at the end: a single image of a carton of framed images on one side and documents with top secret and secret markings arranged on a patterned carpet. The documents, bordered in red when they were marked as secret and in yellow when they were marked as top secret, were not clearly visible in the photograph.

The F.B.I. “threw documents randomly all over the floor during the raid of Mar-a-Lago (perhaps suggesting that it was me that did it! ), and then started taking pictures of them for the public to see,” Mr. Trump claimed on his social media site on Wednesday.

However, the story behind the photo seems to follow the usual procedures for how federal officials deal with evidence they find during a search.

According to two federal law enforcement sources, the folders were organized by agents at Mar-a-Lago after being removed from what the filing claimed to be Mr. Trump’s office. They were not found strewn about the floor.

The Justice Department declined to comment on the particulars of the picture. But to ensure that objects are correctly cataloged and accounted for, it is standard procedure for the F.B.I. to snap evidence images of materials discovered in searches.

A listing in the inventory of materials seized during the search that was made public, along with the search warrant, corresponds to the marking “2A” on a folded piece of paper in the image. The item with the designation “2A” in the inventory is listed as “various classified TS/SCI papers.”

Even though it may appear that way, files and documents are typically spread out, so each one may be distinguished by its markings. A ruler is shown in the photograph to give a feeling of their scale in relation to other items.