Fox News Host Slams Woman Who Defends Critical Race Theory

( Monday night, Fox News host Martha MacCallum interviewed American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten where she was asked about the use of the debunked “1619 Project” and Critical Race Theory in public schools.

It did not go well.

The pushback on Critical Race Theory is picking up steam as several states are passing bills banning its use in school curricula – including Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis not only wants to purge CRT, but also proposes promoting civics literacy and civics education in public schools.

Given the enormity of pushback, it is surprising that AFT’s president is unable to effectively argue against banning CRT.

Columnist Dave Marcus dissects Weingarten humiliating Fox interview in his New York Post Op-Ed “Teachers’-union boss fumbles on 1619 Project, school openings should scare America.”

“Weingarten said she’d spoken to project leader Nikole Hannah-Jones and ‘had not arrived at the same conclusion,’” Marcus writes. “Huh? You’d almost think the woman who leads the union tasked with teaching kids to read can’t read herself, since that’s the 1619 Project’s entire thesis.”

Calling her “but Fox” deflection, “whataboutism,” Marcus writes:

“View that for what it is: an admission that concerns about the 1619 Project and critical race theory in our schools are ones she can’t address, aside from essentially saying, ‘Oh, yeah, well, other people allegedly lie about stuff, too.’”

Marcus concludes his column with this:

“It’s hard to know what’s worse: the thought that many children might not be back in school in the fall or that they will be and will be learning a version of American history that not only paints our nation as evil but doesn’t even tell the truth.

“The nation’s teachers’ unions have a lot to answer for on both counts, but their most powerful spokesperson can do little more than hem, haw, deny and lie when faced with these questions. Our country’s students deserve better. They are the victims of the unions’ anti-truth and -science stances. And it needs to stop now.”

In related news, according to The College Fix, the number of Americans homeschooling their children doubled last year.

Given that humiliating interview with Randi Weingarten, that isn’t surprising.