Fox News Host Rips His Pants During Broadcast

( Fox & Friends co-host Todd Piro became the latest victim of an on-air wardrobe malfunction last Friday during the show’s summer concert series featuring rapper Flo Rida.

As Flo Rida was performing his hit song “Low,” Piro, along with his Fox & Friends co-hosts all joined the rapper on stage and began dancing. And as he was dancing lower and lower, Piro suddenly stood up and grabbed for the back of his pants.

After the rapper finished performing, someone took the mic and said they had an announcement.

The good-natured Piro took the microphone and told the crowd, “I got too low with Flo Rida and split my pants.” Then he turned around and showed the crowd the massive rip along his backside.

Naturally, the anti-Fox folks took great delight in the wardrobe malfunction, aiming mockery at Piro on Twitter. But since Piro was happy to mock himself, it probably rolled off of him like rain on a duck’s back.

Piro posted a photo of his co-host, Carly Shimkus, laughing at his ripped pants, tweeting “I ripped my pants when I got too low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.”