Fox News Host Claims Trump Just Needs To “Learn To Lose”

( Fox News host Brian Kilmeade believes that former President Trump’s constant complaints about the 2020 election aren’t helping him.

During an appearance on Fox’s Media Buzz this weekend, host Howard Kurtz and Kilmeade discussed the over-the-top media coverage of the anniversary of January 6. Kurtz asked Kilmeade his thoughts on what was at the heart of the media’s coverage, namely that January 6 was caused by Trump’s insistence that he only lost in 2020 due to voter fraud.

After pointing out that former President Trump hasn’t proved his claims about voter fraud, Kilmeade told Kurtz, “In life, you have to learn to lose.” He noted that learning to lose is something Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams have still failed to do.

Kilmeade added that if Trump was “screwed out” of the 2020 election, then he should have put together an “A-team list of lawyers” to prove it rather than the lawyers he used.

Kilmeade conceded that it defies logic that a man who hid in his basement during the entire campaign was able to win 7 million more votes than Trump. But ultimately, the accusations of voter fraud have yet to be proved.

Kurtz asked Kilmeade if he thought it was “anti-Trump” for the media to say former President Donald Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud are wrong. Kilmeade said it wasn’t anti-Trump, but added that Trump isn’t helping himself.

Watch the segment from Media Buzz HERE.