Fox News Host Challenges Democrat Mayor To Sit Down And Answer Questions

( Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner had some choice words for newly-elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams this week, calling him out for his insane claims that the only reason he ever gets negative press is that journalists are overwhelmingly white.

During a press conference, Adams appeared visibly frustrated about the tough questions, and complained that his “story” is “interpreted” by people who don’t look like him. He claimed that the “white media” look at him differently and then accused the press of already having a “story” for him before he took office.

Just…no. No.

Adams even complained that the media isn’t representative enough of Black people, despite the fact that Black Americans are around 7% of the United States population and make up 5.5% of newsrooms. That’s pretty close.

“Diversify your newsrooms so I can look out and see people that look like me and say we are going to write stories based on the prisms that we have,” Adams said.

Fox’s Harris Faulkner, who is Black, responded to the comments on Wednesday’s episode of “Outnumbered” and invited him on the show to sit down and back up his claims.

“I don’t know what he is talking about. The reason he got hired has to do with a completely different other color: blue,” Faulkner said.


She added that she could “pull out the receipts” of how many times she has personally reached out to the new mayor and that her show was the first place he ever landed on Fox News.

“It is not what we look like,” she said, before describing his comments as offensive and inviting him back on the show to answer some questions about his claims.

How likely do you think that is?