Fox News Guest Starts Swearing After Fox Refused To Air Pelosi’s Partisan Witch Hunt On National TV

( Sunday, a Fox News guest lost his mind over Fox’s decision not to air last Thursday’s made-for-TV Democrat Party Campaign event disguised as a congressional hearing.

Appearing on Fox News Live on Sunday afternoon, Wisconsin leftist radio host Mike Crute went into a pearl-clutching tirade, attacking Fox for failing to air the January 6 Show Trial that all the other networks aired.

Crute, who will never be accused of understatement, claimed that the show trial was vital because the January 6 committee is fighting for “democracy” and “for the soul.” He told Fox anchor Mike Emanuel that it was “real bullshit” that Fox News did “cover it.”

Fox News did “cover it.” The Fox News Channel just didn’t broadcast the hearing live. Fox Business, on the other hand, did cover the hearing live and a live stream was also available on Fox’s website and its streaming service Fox Nation.

But Mike Crute is a leftist, so when Mike Emanuel pointed out those facts, it meant nothing to him.

Instead, Crute snapped, “Fox Business Network my butt!”

Yes, well, he is a bit of an ass.

Since that line of attack lost steam, Crute shifted gears, attacking Fox for not running commercials during Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” which aired as scheduled instead of the show trial.

Finally, Emanuel’s other guest, Louisiana conservative radio host Jeff Crouere, tried to steer the discussion toward things Americans care about like inflation. The huffy Crute would have none of it. The two ended up talking over each other to the point where Emanuel stopped the segment and went to a commercial.