Fox News Guest Fired From Job After Terrible Interview

( Last week, Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed a moderator from a popular Reddit forum, r/antiwork, and let’s just say, the interview was a disaster. In the aftermath of the train-wreck interview, the Reddit forum went private and the moderator was removed.

Moderator “Abolishwork,” AKA Doreen Ford, was interviewed on Jesse Waters Tonight. And in their conversation, Watters was openly contemptuous of the anti-work movement.

Ford defended the anti-work movement, arguing that “laziness is a virtue” in a society that expects people to be productive 24/7. When Watters asked what she considered a solid workday, Ford said “Whatever people want.”

During the interview, Jesse Watters laughed out loud when Ford said she was a dog-walker who works a 25-hour week and aspires to teach philosophy.

After the interview, the Reddit forum posted a statement announcing that they plan to remove Ford from her position as moderator. While thanking her for “building up the anti-work movement,” the statement cited “past incidents” for their decision to remove her.

Reddit’s r/antiwork has been around since 2013, but its popularity surged during the pandemic lockdowns. The community, whose slogan is “Unemployment for all, not just the rich!” now has over 1.7 million users.

Immediately after Watters’ interview with Ford, the r/antiwork subreddit went private, adding a message that they were closed while they “deal with the clean-up from ongoing brigading.”

“Brigading” is a coordinated effort from one Reddit group to disrupt another group. Users at r/antiwork were lambasting Ford for making the group look bad in her interview with Watters.

Watch the initial interview between Jesse Watters and Doreen Ford HERE.

After Ford was removed as moderator, Watters broke the news on his program. Watch that HERE.