Fox News’ Dr. Siegel Says “Big Danger” Will Be Young Kids Being Forced To Wear Mask

( In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that children over the age of two who cannot be vaccinated should be wearing a mask, “no doubt about that.”

So a three-year-old is supposed to wear a mask and keep it in place? This is the same age when mothers have a hard time keeping their daughters from pulling their dresses over their heads and showing their underwear.

Has Fauci ever been around children that young?

And while it might be CDC guidance that all unvaccinated people must continue to wear masks – even little children – not every doctor sees mandating masks for children as a good idea.

On Saturday’s Fox & Friends, Fox Medical Contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said that while masks have played a role in reducing the risk of coronavirus spread among children, and he is in favor of children choosing to wear masks, he believes there is a danger in making mask-wearing among children mandatory.

Siegel pointed out that in addition to the issue of socialization and other psychological factors, requiring children to wear a mask also causes physical problems as well – including the risk of dizziness or carbon dioxide retention.

Siegel believes a one-size-fits-all mask mandate is unnecessary. Not all areas have the same level of the virus. Children around vaccinated adults aren’t at risk. And, as it is, the spread of COVID-19 from child-to-child is less than 1%.

What’s more, Siegel explains, children generally aren’t wearing masks properly which defeats the purpose of requiring masks. Siegel believes that this is the biggest issue. There is no evidence that mask wearing is decreasing the spread mostly because “we know that kids are not big spreaders.” Siegel goes on to point out that there have not been any super-spreader events in schools, and the evidence shows that keeping children out of schools actually made them more likely to spread the virus.

Aside from children who are immunocompromised or have a chronic condition, Siegel believes there is a “big danger” in making mask-wearing mandatory than leaving it voluntary.