Fox News And CNN Blacked Out Donald Trump’s Speech

( For some bizarre reason, both Fox News and CNN declined to air a speech made by former President Donald Trump on Saturday.

Well, we say bizarre. CNN was never going to publicize former President Trump, unless they had big plans to accuse him of something…like inciting an insurrection or colluding with the Russians…but what excuse does Fox News have?

Segments of the speech made by Trump at the North Carolina GOP State Convention were broadcast by far-left network MSNBC, which is pretty remarkable even if news reporter Ali Vitali spoke over much of what the former president said.

It’s the first speech given by the former president since he attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in February of this year.

During the speech, he spoke about the importance of the Republican Party adopting his Make America Great Again agenda as we head towards the 2022 midterms, and repeated his claims that the 2020 election was influenced by election fraud and misconduct. The claims are regularly smeared by CNN and MSNBC as baseless lies, but the networks and journalists who make the claims are ignoring the wealth of evidence of fraud that was presented in several evidentiary hearings in the months following the election.

Left-wing reporters noticed that Fox News had chosen not to air the former president’s speech, with professional potato lookalike Brian Stelter of CNN tweeting that Fox was “NOT airing Trump’s first speech in months” and gloated that they chose to air a pre-taped episode of Watters World instead.

The only major conservative networks to air the president’s speech were One America News and Newsmax.

Fox recently hired pro-Trump commentator Dan Bongino to air a primetime show on the weekends – a sign that the network is trying to win back its traditional viewer base. But with antics like this going on, how long will it be before Fox once again faces the heat for exhibiting bias against Trump?