Former NFL Legend To Trump: “You The First Black President”

( – Well here’s something you probably thought you’d never hear. Former NFL star, Minnesota Vikings player Jack Brewer, said during a White House Black History Month event that Donald Trump is the “first black president.”

This will blow Democrats’ minds!

Brewer, in a statement to the press, said, “I gotta say this because it’s black history month: man, you the first black president.”

His comments were met with cheer and applause from more than 20 black religious and civic leaders who were engaging in a roundtable discussion in the Cabinet Room.

Expanding on his comment, Brewer took to Twitter and explained that black people in America have “listened to Presidents campaign on empty promises for over 50 years, now” but that President Trump has “delivered real policies that are bringing people out of poverty and freeing our black sons and fathers from mass incarceration.”

He ended by saying, “The Black Awakening is happening.”

The news will likely come as a shock to President Obama, but not for the people who trusted him to deliver everything he didn’t.

Also present at the roundtable discussion where Trump activists and commentators Diamond and Silk, as well as the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Alveda King. President Trump has gained several high-profile black supporters over the years. His commitment to ending unnecessarily long prison sentences and work reducing black unemployment levels to record lows has changed the way many perceive Republican presidents, but his biggest test will come in the November presidential elections.

Referencing the promise Trump made to African Americans in 2016, Silk said, “You did ask four years ago, ‘what the hell do we have to lose?’ But if we don’t vote right this time, we’re going to have a hell of a whole lot to lose.”

Silk then repeated a line that she and her sister use regularly, saying, “Make sure you vote right so you won’t get left.”

Trump isn’t leaving black voters behind. Earlier this week, the president announced that his campaign would be opening community centers across 15 different cities to assist black communities.