Former Day Care Worker Convicted After Child Left in Car Dies

Ryan Williams, a former daycare worker in Nebraska, was convicted of felony negligent child abuse leading to death.

Ra’Miyah Worthington, a little girl, perished on August 21, 2023, after being left in a hot vehicle for over six hours. 

A youngster who would not budge from the vehicle derailed Williams’ concentration and his journey to Kidz of the Future Childcare. After removing the youngster, Williams locked the door behind him and didn’t return until 2:50 p.m., when he returned to get the vehicle ready to return the kids to their home.

While getting ready for afternoon drop-off, Williams returned to the daycare at 2:30 p.m. Video from a doorbell camera captured a deep, agonizing scream.

Williams, who is 62, retrieved the lifeless child off the floor of the vehicle, brought her inside, and dialed 911. That afternoon, she was declared dead at a nearby hospital. Her recorded internal core temperature was 109 degrees, and hyperthermia was the official cause of death.

According to Williams, he was distracted, and no one from the crew came to assist him with unloading. 

The judge did not exclude mention of the daycare, even though it has since closed, in his judgment. 

After noting that Williams had taken on extra duties that day due to the excessive heat, Judge Peter Bataillon harshly chastised the daycare for neglecting its charges. According to him, Williams was making a commendable effort, but the youngsters required at least two or three more staff members to assist with getting out of the vehicle.

However, he did note that Williams was negligent in keeping track of the kids.

Williams was found guilty of negligent child abuse resulting in death, even though there were other problems, such as the daycare’s lack of training and supervision. 

At this time, the daycare is not facing any criminal accusations.