Former CNN Contributor Says The Truth Came Out After Trump

( During an interview this week, former CNN political analyst Eliana Johnson hammered the ratings-challenged cable news network saying it is now “unabashedly left-wing.”

Appearing on the Ruthless podcast on Tuesday, Johnson said that CNN’s mask “kinda dropped” after the election of Donald Trump. Given their hostility toward Trump, any “plausible deniability” of their left-wing bias was gone, she said.

Johnson, now the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, was released by CNN in 2019 after she announced she was leaving her job as Politico’s White House reporter to take the job at the Free Beacon. It was suggested at the time that CNN released Johnson because the Free Beacon is a conservative outlet. But in an interview with Buzzfeed at the time, CNN’s spokesman Matt Dornic said that CNN hired Johnson because she was Politico’s White House reporter, and since she decided to leave that position, they chose to let her go.

Johnson told the Ruthless hosts that post-2016, CNN made no effort to include “intelligent counterarguments” on its shows.

Remarking on CNN’s groupthink mentality, Johnson said the network quashes any stories from news outlets that are not left-leaning and won’t entertain any idea that is not from the leftist playbook.

Johnson said that during her time at CNN, she felt that she was not making any difference because the people she was talking to were not persuadable. She also addressed the incestuous relationships between Washington reporters, saying that their social circle consists only of other left-wing reporters.

Of Brian Stelter, Johnson said that early in his career she thought Stelter was a fantastic reporter. But now, he has become nothing but a “partisan corporate hack” and the “embodiment of what has happened to the media.”

Johnson noted that, despite breaking some significant news stories, it is “tremendously difficult” for the Washington Free Beacon to get any “traction in the mainstream” for the reporting they do.

Listen to Tuesday’s Ruthless podcast HERE.