First Lady Asked Jeffrey Epstein To Edit Predator Law

According to a new federal filing by JPMorgan Chase,  Jeffrey Epstein reportedly assisted the former first lady of the U.S. Virgin Islands in drafting text for sex offender legislation.

Epstein was sought his opinion on proposed revisions to the Virgin Islands’ sex offender monitoring legislation by Cecile de Johngh, the wife of former governor John de Jongh Jr., three years after he pled guilty to hiring an underage prostitute in Florida.

JPMorgan Chase turned the table on the government of the Caribbean islands with a stinging lawsuit on Wednesday.

The Virgin Islands filed a lawsuit against Chase in the Southern District of New York last December, saying that the bank enabled Epstein’s sexual abuse of juveniles and vulnerable adults.

It is claimed in the complaint that Epstein promised to bring business to JPMorgan Chase, and the bank ignored human trafficking for over a decade.

However, the banking giant said that the highest-ranking authorities in the Virgin Islands had a “quid pro quo relationship” with Epstein.

Epstein moved his principal residence to the Virgin Islands after his 2009 release from prison. He was also registered as a sex offender in accordance with local legislation.

Reports reveal that Epstein was known to host celebrities and assault women and girls on his Little St. James Island property.

According to the briefing, Cecile de Jonhg devised a scheme to allow Epstein to travel freely in and out of the nation with a group of young ladies and girls. 

From 2007 to 2015, De Jongh managed his local businesses for him, receiving a salary in the process. The petition claims that Epstein funded her children’s college education even while her husband served as governor.

Recently, JPMorgan Chase stated that it had settled a case filed by those who had been harmed by Jeffrey Epstein.

According to a report, the bank has yet to disclose specifics of the deal, but it plans to pay out $290 million to the victims.

About one hundred women who were affected by Epstein’s will get compensation.