Fight Breaks Out On CNN

( During a heated exchange about Hispanic voters pivoting to Republicans, CNN contributor Scott Jennings called former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina “an absolute jerk.”

Jennings and Messina were appearing on a panel discussion with “CNN Tonight” hosts Laura Coates and Alisyn Camerota when Jennings argued that there is no Hispanic voting block and Republicans in some states have been successfully courting them based on geography and local issues.

Messina was explaining that Democrats have been struggling to figure out if they should do politically correct things like calling Hispanics “Latinx” or if they should talk to voters, including Hispanics, about the issues they care about like inflation and the economy.

Jennings countered that the Republicans have had success because they welcome Hispanic voters as individuals with varied interests rather than a single-issue voting bloc. He suggested that this may be why Republican challenger Blake Masters has a good chance of defeating Democrat Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona.

A huffy Messina demanded to know if Jennings would bet Kari Lake will win in Arizona as well. He accused Jennings of “holding the Republican line” and told him to stop “with the talking points.”

Jennings countered by asking Messina if he believes the Democrats “are doing well in Arizona.”

The panel devolved into cross-talk then finally Jennings said he agreed with Messina that Democrats were holding their own in Arizona, prompting Messina to again demand that Jennings stop repeating talking points.

At this point, Jennings had enough of Messina’s badgering, asking him, “do you have a single friend? You’re an absolute jerk.”

Alisyn Camerota stepped in asking both guests to stop.

But Jennings didn’t stop.

He blasted Messina, noting that he doesn’t even know Messina and yet he comes on the air and insults him. Jennings told Messina that he doesn’t “come out here and read talking points.”

Watch the exchange HERE.