Feds Conducted “House Raids” On Journalist Providing Testimony

The IRS conducted a raid on independent journalist Matt Taibbi last week, according to a news segment from OANN. Taibbi has become popular after he exposed the collusion between federal agencies and big tech when Elon Musk acquired Twitter. The revelations, known as the “Twitter Files,” found that the FBI interfered in the 2020 election by censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post, according to the conservative magazine American Pigeon

Republicans now reportedly sent an inquiry to the IRS to ask about the targeting of Taibbi. They are also threatening to withhold funds from the U.S. Treasury if they discover that the IRS was acting in a politically biased way. 

“This is about the weaponization of the IRS to affect and basically achieve the goals of a left-wing group that are running the government right now,” said Senator Bill Hagerty. He added that this occurred on the day that Taibbi was testifying to Congress about the weaponization of the federal government. 

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan sent a letter to the IRS demanding answers from the IRS for why they were deployed to Taibbi’s home earlier in March. After the visit, Taibbi reportedly contacted Jordan to inform him that he was told that he needed to call the IRS for issues related to identity theft. 

But when he went to testify to Congress, Taibbi brought along tax records that did not show any flagged activity related to identity theft over the last four years. During the hearing, Democrats can be seen and heard lambasting Taibbi for not being an independent journalist but specifically selected by Elon Musk. 

They railed him for exposing what he calls the “censorship industrial complex” where the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and nongovernmental entities reportedly instructed Twitter employees to censor stories that they found to be threats.