Federal Agents Investigate Car Manufacturer Amid Complaints About Brakes

(PresidentialWire.com)- The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reportedly investigating 278 complaints about vehicles manufactured by Honda. Users report that the vehicles have major problems with the emergency braking systems, causing many cars to randomly stop while driving.

Out of the hundreds of complaints, six users said that the problem caused a “collision with minor injuries” because the sudden braking meant that vehicles behind them crash into their car and caused a pile-up.

The vehicles in question were released between 2018 and 2019, and included Honda Accords and Honda CR-Vs.

The agency believes that the breaking problem could affect over 1.7 million Honda models, and that it will likely result in a massive recall for the company. It’s going to be difficult for Honda to handle the problem, too, given that the company faced a massive recall of vehicles in December of 2021.

The NHTSA regularly opens investigations into matters like this, and is currently investigating over 300 complaints about Tesla electric vehicles, which are reportedly experiencing similar braking system problems.

The Honda Info Center announced that the Office of Defects Investigation at the NHTSA will be examining the “scope and severity” of the problems with the Collision Braking Management System developed by Honda. The system, which could be causing the problem, is designed to alert drivers of a possible collision and automatically brake if the driver doesn’t take action.

Complaints filed with the NHTSA suggest that the brakes would deploy automatically even when there is nothing in the way of the vehicle, suggesting that the artificial intelligence that powers these vehicles could be faulty or that sensors that feed information to the artificial intelligence may be malfunctioning.