Federal Agents “Defeated” After Biden’s Latest Order

(PresidentialWire.com)- Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Council, said On Tuesday that border agents across the country feel “deflated” under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Judd, who has worked as a Border Patrol agent for the last 25 years, told Just The News that he hasn’t seen morale this low among border agents at any other time. He described how agents typically have meetings right before their shifts begin, and that before Biden was president there was “a lot of camaraderie” and a “lot of talking, a lot of joking.”

But in meetings these days, he said, nobody is talking.

Speaking to Amanda Head and John Solomon, hosts of Just The News – Not the Noise, Judd said that heads are down and agents feel defeated.

“We just know that we’re not able to do the job that is necessary to protect the American public,” adding that many of the border policies implemented during the Trump administration have been stripped away and border patrol agents can’t properly defend the border or stop illegal aliens from crossing.

“Under this Defund the Police movement and under these policies that are giving us the least amount of border security than we’ve ever seen, we just don’t feel like we’re accomplishing anything,” he said. “We go home and we feel defeated every day.”

It’s no wonder, either. Since President Joe Biden took office, over two million illegal aliens have been apprehended by border agents at the southern border. In February of this year, over 160,000 encounters on the southwest border were registered. And most of those encounters result in illegal aliens being ushered in over the border and being told they can stay until they have a court date…if they even get a court date at all.

Hear more of what Judd had to say here.

How can the Biden administration justify this?