Fears Over Failures During Hunter Biden Testimony Grow

Ahead of the House Oversight Committee’s interrogation of Hunter and Frank Biden pertaining to their roles in the Biden family corruption investigation, Peter Schweizer is apprehensive that the inquiry may get bogged down in inconsequential details rather than addressing the broader issue. Schweizer is optimistic that committee chairman Rep. James Comer will steer the conversation towards how Chinese and Ukrainian foreign nationals corrupted then-Vice President Joe Biden by providing financial benefits to his family members.

In this week’s installment of The Drill Down podcast, co-host Eric Eggers and Schweizer explore the scheduled hearings and discuss the approach Schweizer believes Comer should adopt. However, there are concerning indicators emerging. Comer recently disclosed that Joe Biden received regular payments of $1,380 from his son Hunter’s law firm, aligning with alerts about the same account receiving millions of dollars from Chinese government-linked funds without apparent corresponding services. While this revelation is noteworthy, Schweizer is apprehensive that it might divert attention from the more substantial issue of foreign entities channeling substantial amounts, exceeding $20 million, to members of the Biden family.

Schweizer emphasizes that the pivotal question is whether society is willing to accept the notion that if money flows from foreign actors to the president’s family, albeit indirectly, it is considered acceptable. According to Schweizer, this is tantamount to bribery under the statute.

The Biden camp’s strategy is to downplay the money that directly reached Joe Biden, for instance, by claiming that it was a car loan repayment. This tactic distracts from the more significant concern of foreign businesses paying exorbitant amounts to Biden family members. If Comer allows this diversion, Schweizer argues that it would signify the end of the country.

Schweizer draws attention to the bribery case against Sen. Robert Menendez, where it is alleged that his wife received payments from the Egyptian government in exchange for Sen. Menendez’s actions to benefit Egypt through his position on the Senate foreign affairs committee. Schweizer underscores that Comer’s committee should focus on the substantial sums of money funneled to the Biden family, specifically Hunter, Frank, and James Biden, and demand evidence of the services they provided in return. Schweizer contends that no tangible evidence of any business was conducted to justify the money received.

Recent reports have validated the sequence of events outlined in Schweizer’s 2018 book, Secret Empires, which detailed Hunter Biden’s business relationships with Chinese companies linked to the regime soon after his father assumed responsibility for US-China relations. Schweizer’s subsequent reporting has further substantiated these claims.

In positive news, IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley will testify before the House Ways & Means Committee’s separate investigation. The committee has issued a report documenting attempts within the Justice Department to prevent them from coming forward. Shapley and Ziegler will discuss information protected under Internal Revenue Code Section 6103, which pertains to the confidentiality of tax returns.