FBI To Perform Lie Detector Test On Daughter’s Claim About Father

(Presidentialwire.com)- This Friday, the FBI intends to conduct a polygraph examination on Lucy Studey, who claims that her late father murdered numerous women and dumped their bodies along morel mushroom paths and in a well on property close to the Studey ranch in the remote Green Hollow region of Iowa.

The lie detector test comes as investigators are getting ready to bore and maybe excavate the five acres owned by the Studeys and a portion of an adjacent 425+ acres owned by neighbors.

Why the FBI called Studey on Wednesday to discuss the polygraph, which would be conducted at its Lakeland, Florida office, is unknown. However, it might provide authorities with proof of Studey’s account: That for at least three decades, beginning in the 1970s, her father, Donald Dean Studey, would take in “bar slushes,” transients, or prostitutes he encountered in the neighborhood of Omaha, bring them back to the family’s trailer in Green Hollow, where he would kill them. Green Hollow is roughly 40 miles south of Omaha, close to Thurman, Iowa.

According to Lucy Studey, who said that she has been asking to have a polygraph performed since at least 1998, “they’ll finally believe me” now, she claimed on Wednesday. “I’m not at all concerned about the test. I knew they would try to discredit me before they even spent any money excavating.”

All inquiries on the exam were forwarded to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation by the FBI Omaha office, which declined to comment. The DCI declined to respond as well. The polygraph was, however, corroborated by a source with knowledge of the probe, who claimed that “it’s just an exhaustive means…just another channel” of research.

The American Polygraph Association, made up primarily of polygraph examiners, places an 87 percent accuracy rating on polygraphs. According to some research, the percentage is closer to 75%, and polygraphs are frequently not used in criminal prosecutions.

For more than 45 years, Lucy Studey has brought up allegations against her father, telling everyone from teachers to clergy to police enforcement. But everyone, she claims, disregarded her until a sheriff’s deputy in Fremont County, which includes Thurman, started to take her seriously last year.

Three cadaver dogs have already alerted authorities to the possibility of remains in several locations. Investigators intend to explore the area surrounding the well and the mushroom trails.

Sheriff Kevin Aistrope says he believes 100 percent that there are dead people in there.

The sheriff’s office is working with the FBI and DCI to find out if she is lying.