FBI Sends Massive Swat Team Of 20 Agents To Arrest Hollywood Actor

(PresidentialWire.com)- Just before 6:00 am on Thursday, June 10, about twenty armed agents in tactical gear descended on the North Hollywood home of actor Siaka Massaquoi.

And what heinous crime did Massaquoi commit that would prompt such a massive raid?

The African American actor allegedly took part in the so-called “White Supremacist Insurrection” of January 6 at the US Capitol.

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller confirmed that agents stormed Massaquoi’s home, but added no one was arrested in the raid.

It remains unclear why Massaquoi’s home was raided. The search warrant is under seal and the FBI refuses to discuss its investigation.

Shortly after the raid, Massaquoi, who admits to being in Washington DC on January 6, denied any wrongdoing. In a video released on Instagram, the actor who has appeared in the TV shows NCIS: Los Angeles and S.W.A.T., appeared alongside another man, Brian Burks, who was also present during the raid.

“They can paint something as wrong,” Massaquoi said in the video, “but I did nothing wrong.”

In the video, Burks, who denied entering the Capitol on January 6, said during the raid, FBI agents told him that they were under investigation for associating with members of a social media group.

Calling it guilt by association, in the video Burks said “you don’t have to be guilty of something, but if by chance you know somebody, you’re guilty of something because of them.”

On Sunday, American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly appeared on Mark Levin’s Sunday Fox show to discuss the conditions under which the January 6 defendants are being held. And during the interview as a way to highlight the different standard being used against those present in DC on January 6, Levin asked Kelly how many of the BLM/Antifa rioters from last summer have been “rounded up with SWAT Teams.”

Kelly also reminded viewers that those held in solitary confinement in a DC jail are not there serving time; they are there on pretrial detention orders.

Finally, Kelly called out all the false claims made about Capitol melee — asking if January 6 was the worst event since the Civil War, why do they have to keep lying about it?

In response to Julie Kelly’s appearance on Levin’s show, on Monday Kelly reported that the January 6 detainees were put on 24-hour lockdown for the next week.

Ironically, when they meet in Geneva on Wednesday June 16, President Biden is expected to lecture Russian President Vladimir Putin for imprisoning his political enemies.