FBI Put Together A List of MAGA “Most Wanted”

(PresidentialWire.com)- Rioters who crossed the line during the pro-Trump rally on Capitol Hill on Wednesday face up to ten years in prison after fighting with law enforcement officers, breaking into the Capitol building, and shaming the Republican Party in the process.

The Daily Mail revealed on Thursday how federal prosecutors say that “all options are on the table” when it comes to prosecuting those involved with the outrageous incident, with FBI and Washington, D.C. police currently searching for at least 36 people who are believed to have been involved with the storming of the Capitol building on Wednesday.

Footage of protesters entering the building appears to show several supporters of a fringe “America First” online movement that consists not of MAGA Republicans and Trump supporters but white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

And of course, the Democrats are having a field day trying to conflate a racist fringe of extremists with the rest of the Republican Party.

Over 90 people have been arrested in connection with the incident so far, which caused so much damage to the Republican movement that some legislators backed out of their plans to object to the certification of the Electoral College vote.

Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran was also killed during the riot by a police officer. So far the details of the incident are not fully known, but footage shared widely on social media shows Babbit on the floor in a pool of blood as officers try to perform first aid on her.

Acting United States Attorney for Washington, D.C., Michael Sherwin, said on Thursday that President Donald Trump’s executive order that was designed to stop people vandalizing and destroying national monuments could be used to sentence the rioters to ten years in prison.

“We are looking at all actors here,” Sherwin said in a press conference. “Not only the people who went into the building.”

The Department of Justice has so far promised to bring every person involved with the storming of the Capitol to the courts, with 55 cases filed so far. And in some footage, very prominent faces from white supremacist fringe movements can be seen…so this could be about to get interesting.

President Donald Trump has been somewhat quiet since the riots, but White House Press Secretary took the stage on Thursday night to once again denounce the riots – just as the President did in a video published on Twitter.

Twitter later deleted that video…for some reason.