FBI Labeled Veterans-Led Group ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization

(PresidentialWire.com)- The FBI has branded the veteran-led American Contingency a “domestic violent extremism” (DVE) organization, despite the group having been investigated and declared non-threat by the FBI in 2020, according to Republican Representative Jim Jordan, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee.

In a letter he sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, the congressman made the accusations.

Jordan stated on Fox News on Wednesday that American Contingency founder Mike Glover is a veteran doing fantastic work over there, but some woke analyst at the FBI says we’re going to investigate this man.

According to the reports, Jordan also charged the FBI with reclassifying instances as DVE cases to boost its statistics and create a particular political narrative artificially.

“You’re somehow in the category that President Joe Biden thinks are radical or fascist if you flaunt the flag, carry a gun, and you voted for Trump,” Jordan added.

The organization’s website aims to “empower, teach, and link Americans to be resilient, self-sufficient, and prepared for any catastrophe.” Glover is also listed as a former Green Beret on the website.

Jordan’s letter stated that the FBI considered American Contingency to be a potential danger since Glover looked to be “rallying people to ‘take action” and “exercised his First Amendment right to speak out in criticism of the federal government.”

In internal FBI notes provided to Jordan, the whistleblower claimed that the agency “rifled through Glover’s life, obtaining his military records, his veteran’s disability rating, and even his monthly disability benefit,” before concluding that American Contingency “desires to assist Americans in preparing themselves for catastrophic events and not to overthrow the United States Government.”

According to Jordan, the FBI classified American Contingency as a violent extremist group in an official FBI notice even after it was determined that the group posed no threat.

In July, Jordan asserted that anonymous sources had told them FBI agents were under pressure “to pump up the stats” on domestic terrorist threats.

Jordan requested that the FBI send the House Judiciary Committee copies of its Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide (DTSG) on Militia Violent Extremism in his letter to Wray.

He also asked why the Domestic Terrorism Strategic Unit kept off symbols, phrases, events, and people related to left-wing violent extremist groups from the DTSG, according to the Examiner.