FBI Director Gives Grave Response To US Safety Question

Director of the FBI Christopher Wray was asked if Americans may feel safe now that President Joe Biden is in office, but he did not provide an answer.

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., probed Wray during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing:

Is terrorism from abroad less of a threat to the U.S. today?

Is the country safer now than it was on Joe Biden’s first day in office?

Wray took a long period, remaining silent and pretending to be lost in thought before eventually responding.

He avoided answering the question of whether or not the country is safer because of Biden’s tenure by responding that he thinks there are a lot of things the country has done in law enforcement to be better prepared to deal with threats.

Scott wrote a post to X (once known as Twitter) saying he inquired of FBI Director Wray whether or if the country is safer now than it was prior to Joe Biden’s administration. After what seemed like an eternity, he admitted what we already knew– The level of terror threat has increased.

Wray said that the continuous strife in the Middle East has significantly increased the risk of a terrorist strike in the United States.

Wray claimed that the prolonged war in the Middle East has significantly increased the risk of an attack against Americans in the United States.

On October 7, Hamas launched a deadly terrorist strike against Israel, leading the U.S. ally to respond with military force. The conflict has stoked fears in the United States that Hamas and other terrorist groups could inspire strikes both abroad and at home.

In response to questions on whether or not terrorists have already crossed the southern border, the White House said after the hearing that it did not have an answer.