FBI Agents Interview Suspect Who Possibly Threatened To Shoot Woman

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to the University of Michigan’s Division of Public Safety, a message was posted on a Russian-operated confessions website in which the poster threatened that on Monday, October 4, he would “blow away every single woman I see with an AR-15.”

Another part of the post stated, “there is a violent pro-male revolution coming and you people better get ready for it.”

The FBI and Michigan law enforcement began investigating the threat. And on Saturday, the Detroit office of the FBI said it had tracked down the out-of-state residence from which the threat was posted. Investigators said that a resident of the home, who is believed to be responsible for the message, was interviewed by the FBI.

U of M Division of Public Safety then released an update on the incident Sunday in which they said that the individual in question “poses no current or pending threat to the community.” What’s more, the FBI concluded that individual in question did not have the means or the capacity to carry out the threat.

Division of Public Safety executive director Eddie Washington said that they are confident that any threat from this now-deleted post has been addressed and mitigated.

On Monday, U of M president Mark Schlissel and Provost Susan Collins (not the Senator) signed a joint statement assuring students that Monday’s classes would go on as scheduled. While acknowledging that the threat had been cleared, they added in their statement that they were “deeply disturbed” that violence and threats of violence remain far too common on campuses across the country.

Bizarrely, despite the fact that there was nothing to the threat, the University of Michigan was still making counseling and psych services available to students who were concerned about the posted message. Faculty and staff also were notified that counseling would be made available to them as well.

The name of the person responsible for posting the bizarre message was not released by authorities. And it remains unclear why the FBI determined that there was nothing to it.