Fauci’s NIH Just Got One Of His Enemies Fired

(PresidentialWire.com)- An incredible claim published on Substack has revealed how Adam Andrzejewski, a transparency advocate, has been stripped of his column in Forbes after the National Institutes of Health put pressure on Forbes to get rid of him.

Writing in his new Substack column, Andrzejewski, who is the founder of transparency advocacy organization OpenTheBooks.com, said that the U.S. government took issue with a number of columns he wrote for Forbes which contained bombshell revelations about the massive sums of money paid by the government to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In his latest column, Andrezejewski said that two directors, two bureau chiefs, and two high-up PR officers send an email to Forbes’ leadership on Sunday morning to “subliminally send a message” that they did not appreciate his oversight work.

“Unfortunately, Forbes folded quickly,” he said.

Andrezejewski also published emails from his former bosses at Forbes, showing how displeased they were with him focusing on Dr. Anthony Fauci – as if, somehow, the controversial head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is beyond reproach.

An email from Caroline Howard, the executive editor of Forbes, dated January 15, commented on how many articles he had written about Fauci.

“I see. This is your third article on Fauci in 3 weeks. Huh,” Howard said.

She didn’t like that…

Only two days after the email, two directors from the National Institutes of Health along with the bureau chiefs and PR officers mentioned earlier, put pressure on Forbes to get rid of him. They claim that Andrezejewski was wrong to suggest that Fauci claimed monetary gifts.

Within 24 hours, Andrezejewski said, the NIG emailed his Forbes editor Randall Lane who then called and announced new rules. He was told that he can no longer write about Dr. Anthony Fauci and required pre-approval for all his future columns.

See the full Substack piece here.