Father Catches Rideshare Driver Assaulting Daughter, Gunshots Fired

Washington state police are looking into gunplay that occurred on Saturday night following reports that a father witnessed a rideshare driver allegedly molesting his daughter while she was drunk.

After arriving at the scene of a reported shooting, a deputy pulled over a car that was trying to flee.

Detectives concluded that the runaway driver was a rideshare driver who was giving a customer a ride but took a detour when the customer was a “highly intoxicated female.”

Officials said the woman’s father saw his daughter at a popular fishing site being molested by the rideshare driver.

According to the police, the deputy noticed that the fleeing man was wounded. The rideshare driver was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. He was then taken into custody by the police on suspicion of rape and abduction.

The event was originally called in as shots fired near the Old Pacific Highway SE and 6th Avenue SE crossroads in Nisqually Valley. 

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said that on Saturday, 58-year-old Uber driver Ahmed Ali reportedly took advantage of the “extremely drunk” female and molested her while she was being driven home.

Using the Uber app, the driver supposedly made it appear as though he had dropped the passenger off at her destination in the county, which is about an hour away from Seattle. He then drove her to a remote spot instead.

Concerned for her safety, the woman’s relatives tracked her phone to a popular fishing site when she failed to return home.

The father and others went to the location only to find his naked daughter in the backseat of the Uber. The father said the driver was pulling up his pants.

Officials discovered two bullet casings in the location, leading them to assume that shots were fired at some time during the event. Ali was allegedly “beaten up” by the victim’s family, according to police reports.

Charges of first-degree abduction and second-degree rape were eventually brought against Ali.