Father Bursts Into Tears After School Ruined His Child’s Development

(PresidentialWire.com)- A video of an Illinois dad delivering an impassioned and emotional speech against school mask mandates went viral on social media last week.

The father, who attended a February 7 school board meeting in Naperville, Illinois, shared how forced masking is damaging the development of his special needs daughter, delaying her speech and making it harder for her to participate in school.

He called the past two years of restrictions at his daughter’s school “shameful” and accused the school board of enacting policies that were “devastating” to his daughter’s growth. He shared his daughter’s frustrations over having to wear a mask and said when they told her it might be possible that the mask requirement would be lifted, “she cried tears.”

Directing his remarks at the school board, the father accused them of harming his daughter.

The tearful father said his daughter’s speech which was already delayed has gotten worse. He told the board that he would never forgive himself for not fighting harder against the school’s mask requirement, adding that he failed his daughter for not fighting hard enough. Then he told the board, “You have failed them.”


Children are the least at risk for coronavirus.

And yet while even Democrat-led states are lifting indoor mask mandates for adults, they are keeping school mask mandates in place.

Why allow adults to unmask while keeping those least at risk for COVID behind masks?

This isn’t about “science.” If it was about following “the science,” school children would never have been forced into “remote learning” in the first place. And they would never have been required to wear masks in school.

No. This isn’t about science. This is about school boards and Democrats being too beholden to powerful teachers’ unions to stand up for the health, sanity, and well-being of the children in their care.