Fans Outraged As Chris Wallace Defends Fauci’s Web Of Lies

( After his shameful performance in the role of Joe Biden’s human shield during last year’s presidential debate, it probably isn’t at all surprising that Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is running interference for embattled lifetime bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In a Fox News segment with John Roberts, Wallace dismissed the recently disclosed Fauci Emails as a nothingburger.

Wallace told Roberts that, after reading the news reports on Fauci’s emails as well as reading “a number of the emails” himself, he believes “There’s no smoking gun there.” Instead, Wallace believes the furor over the emails is nothing but a politically-motivated “talking point” from Republicans.

Right. Because if there is one thing about Buzzfeed that everyone knows is that it’s famous for providing Republicans “talking points.”

During last year’s debate, this same Chris Wallace 1) repeated the “very fine people” lie and 2) claimed Trump never condemned white supremacists. Chris did this because Chris has no problem regurgitating “politically motivated” “talking points.”

After dismissing Fauci’s emails, Wallace immediately shifted to protecting and defending the man himself – referring to Fauci as “a devoted public servant.”

Wallace added “we gotta take the politics out of this,” saying the COVID pandemic has been politicized too much already.

In order to appear “Fair and Balanced,” Wallace cited the news media’s knee-jerk reaction to President Trump initially saying the virus originated in the Wuhan lab rather than in nature, calling the media’s reaction a mistake.

And, Wallace concluded, if it was a mistake for the media to flatly reject the lab-leak theory because of Trump, then it is a mistake to “over-politicize” Fauci’s emails.

Ironically, when Roberts started the segment by asking Wallace about the Vanity Fair report that revealed State Department officials were telling their people not to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology or a possible lab-leak as the origin of the pandemic, Wallace quickly pointed out that “this wasn’t happening in the Biden State Department; this was happening in the Trump State Department.”

Sounds a bit like Chris Wallace is politicizing this.

But even that point doesn’t prove what Wallace hopes it proves. If the Trump impeachment from January 2020 revealed anything, it’s that many of the people in the US State Department were actively working against the President of the United States.

So what’s Wallace’s point? Why be persnickety over which Administration’s State Department was telling people not to bring up China – except to “over-politicize” it?

Watch the segment: