Fan Knocked Out By Celeb’s Entourage

After being viciously attacked in Tampa, Florida, by the friends of a 21-year-old rapper, George Obregon Jr. is still in serious condition in the hospital with a severe concussion and brain hemorrhaging.

The video of rapper Nardo Wick’s gang brutally attacking a fan has gone viral.

In the footage, a male fan, Obregon, 20, attempted to get a picture or autograph with the rapper in front of his entourage. Surprisingly, one of the guys in Wick’s group hits the young man, knocking him unconscious and smashing his skull against a concrete wall.

The Tampa Police Department has said that the victim’s condition is serious but stable, and they are asking for the public’s help in identifying the individuals seen in the surveillance footage.

After taking the first sucker punch, the Obregon seems to be visibly shaken and slumped over. As if that weren’t bad enough, a tiny member of the rapper’s entourage seems to give him a second blow to the head, sending the man tumbling to the ground and slamming his skull on the pavement as he falls. As the excited crew member goes in for more blows, Wick evidently tries to calm down the small, violent man.

Fans of Nardo Wick have resorted to social media to criticize the entertainer for allegedly enabling his crew to harm a harmless fan. A nearby hospital treated the victim for a severe concussion and brain hemorrhage.

Friends and family of George Obregon Jr. have also expressed their contempt and inability to find words to describe how they feel.

The mother of George, Michelle Obregon, updated the media on her son’s health, telling TMZ that her son is stable at the moment but that doctors are keeping a close eye on him to see if there would be any lasting effects.

While announcing his family’s intention to sue, the young fan’s father criticized the rapper for not naming the perpetrators.