Family HORROR – Son BREAKS Silence


Sarah Miles, allegedly the victim of a murder, has left behind a grieving son named Shayden who says that he will, for the rest of his life, be haunted by the fact that his mother lay alone and suffering for over an hour for death, waiting for help to arrive.

Forty year-old Sarah Miles lived in the municipality of Casino in the northern section of Australia’s New South Wales state, and her home there is where she reportedly waited over fifty-five minutes after calling the emergency hotline for assistance. The mother of three was reportedly still breathing when police finally arrived at the scene at 2:25 AM on Saturday, June 29. Sarah had called them at 1:30 AM. By the time that paramedics arrived, Sarah was dead on the floor from injuries to her face and head, which she received at the hands of Dwayne John Creighton, her romantic partner.

A neighbor reported “horrific” screaming originating from the Miles house around midnight, not long before Sarah made her emergency call.

Creighton was arrested and charged with murder over the weekend.

Shayden told Channel Nine news that his mother was a fighter, and remained  a “very strong person” right up to the end of her life. To him, losing his mother is bad enough. Knowing that she suffered on the floor for an hour waiting for emergency personnel to respond to her call is something that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to shake.

The Miles family has issued a statement thanking the first responders for their efforts, and the public for the outpouring of support they have received.

Creighton was arraigned on Sunday, June 30 at the Lismore Magistrates Court, and his next hearing was scheduled for July 1. News outlets report that police are now seeking out footage from local CCTV cameras covering the weeks leading up to the attack, so they can establish Creighton’s whereabouts and timeline.