Family from Ohio Gets Caught in Gun Crossfire During Vacation

After discovering their Airbnb rental property was peppered with bullets, a family decided to cut their vacation short in Central Florida. They had planned to celebrate a birthday and enjoy some time in the sun.

According to Kelleen Reddy, they invested a lot of love and work into organizing this vacation, only to have it ruined.

According to Reddy, the fourteen-person family (ranging in age from two to sixteen) arrived at the Kissimmee house on Coconut Breeze with the intention of spending five days enjoying Disney’s theme parks. During their stay, they intended to celebrate her brother’s 40th birthday at Epcot, and they also planned to cap the vacation with a picnic and some poolside fun.

Both the shooting and the question of how to travel safely are significant concerns, according to Reddy.

Reddy said that the property was perfect for their family holiday due to its spaciousness. The neighborhood where the house stood is secure and behind gates.

According to Reddy, the situation deteriorated on a Saturday night as hundreds of vehicles and individuals began to encircle the residence, which was just a few feet away from the location where the Osceola Sheriff’s Office reported a house party.

According to Reddy, the street racing, with its many noisy vehicles, truly frightened everyone. There was also a lot of yelling and music.

Reddy added that the residence was the site of two separate large-scale parties that resulted in the involvement of the police. People ducked for cover as the Osceola Sheriff’s office received a second report about gunfire at the property.

According to the sheriff’s office,  a male shooting victim was transported to the hospital. In the meanwhile, the terrified Reddy family was kept hostage in the second-floor restroom of their rented property.

According to Reddy, their rented property was shot many times. There were shattered vehicle rear windows, bullet holes in the home’s windows, and damaged bedposts.

No one has been taken into custody as of yet after the shooting.

Airbnb has promised to assist guests in finding alternative accommodations or give a refund.

Airbnb launched the Neighborhood Integrity Program in 2021 to combat the problem of recurrent party house offenders and improve neighborhood safety.

According to Airbnb’s statement, the incident did not take place at one of their rental properties.