Family Begs US To Rescue Citizen From Hamas

Friends and family of Omer Neutra, an American with dual citizenship who serves in the Israeli military, are battling for him. New York’s Israeli consular officials raced to the family’s house on Sunday, October 8, causing much distress.

According to a report, Orna Neutra, Omer’s mother, says that they told her her son had been kidnapped. There have been so many deaths, and it’s absurd that you should feel relieved that your child is still alive in this way.

Omer’s family celebrated his twenty-second birthday without him last weekend.

Daniel, Omer’s brother, calls him a natural-born leader and an excellent role model.

Omer may be one of Hamas’ 200 captives. Israeli authorities estimate Hamas murdered 1,400 and injured 3,500. According to Biden administration officials, 31 Americans have died and 13 are missing.

The Neutras want Omer and other captives returned.

Orna Neutra explained it wasn’t time for tears. She needs strong individuals around her to collaborate and urge the American and Israeli governments to do everything necessary to bring them back.

A recent report shows a liberated Israeli captive, Yocheved Lifshitz, gave an extraordinary news conference in which she called being captured by Hamas gunmen “hell.”

Lifshitz, who is in a wheelchair and receiving treatment at a Tel Aviv, Israel, hospital, described how she was kidnapped from her home small kibbutz located near the Israeli border with Gaza, tied to a motorcycle, beaten with a wooden pole, and had her jewelry stolen. She said that the memories of the incident play like a loop in her head.

After negotiations between Egypt and Qatar, Lifshitz and another woman, 79-year-old Nurit Cooper, had been released on Monday. No explanation was given for the release of the two ladies or if Hamas got anything in exchange.

Neither of the women’s spouses nor any other captives were mentioned.