Faith-Based TV Series Ranks #3 At Box Office

( Season 3 of the faith-based streaming series “The Chosen” premiered on the big screen and finished third at the weekend box office.

According to official figures from Angel Studios, the two-episode theatrical release grossed $8,687,682 million in its first three days. The amount was behind “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” and “The Menu.”

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, explained that for the second consecutive year, “The Chosen” has captured the attention of moviegoers across the nation after the overwhelming response of “Chosen” and “Wingfeather Saga” fans packed a theatrical event in Nashville last week.  The same audiences who have helped break streaming records can have a similar impact at the box office.

Angel Studios also posted on Twitter to commemorate “The Chosen’s” successful opening weekend. They thanked everyone who supported the film company.

Entertainment reports show even though the theatrical release of “The Chosen” lagged behind Marvel’s “Black Panther” sequel by a significant margin, the film earned third place despite playing on only 2,012 screens. “Wakanda Forever” was shown on 4,396 screens in the United States.

The successful streaming series on the life of Jesus is the second time that Angel Studios has transitioned from streaming to theatrical release. In 2012, “Christmas with Chosen: The Messengers” debuted with $4.2 million in its opening weekend and ranked fourth overall. The launch earned $13.7 million.

Reports show “The Chosen” is the first multi-season television series about the life of Jesus.  The series has brought the Gospel tales of the New Testament to life for a new generation accustomed to streaming video via its app and at Angel Studios. Season 4 is presently being funded through crowdfunding. A contract with Netflix is imminent, potentially expanding the viewership for the series.

Executive producer Derral Eves stated that working with partners like Netflix will help us reach many more people, and he would love for a billion people to witness the work and for it to have a global influence.

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