Fact-checker’s tweets spark fierce backlash after newspaper issues correction over defense of Biden

(PresidentialWire.com)- In an effort to protect Joe Biden from his own callous indifference, last Wednesday USA Today fact-checker Daniel Funke offered up a so-called “fact check” of the report that President Biden was checking his watch during the dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base last Sunday.

Funke rated the claim – seen live on television – as “partly false.” According to Funke, Biden only checked his watch after the ceremony had ended.

Only, Funke’s “fact check” is what was false.

On Thursday, USA Today offered a correction to its fact check confirming that that President Biden checked is watch multiple times during the ceremony. The false fact check was then corrected from “partly false” to “missing context.”

Fact check: FALSE.

It wasn’t “missing context.” The context was Biden checked his watch multiple times during the dignified transfer ceremony for the thirteen US service members killed thanks to his bungling withdrawal. What “context” was missing?

Though, in reality, “missing context” means “It’s true, but we need to cover Biden’s butt.”

What made his fact-check all the more hideous was, in his effort to protect Biden, Funke was willing to cast as liars the gold star families who attended the Dover ceremony. It was they who said President Biden checked his watch multiple times.

When social media erupted over his bungled “fact check” and subsequent correction, Funke took to Twitter to play the victim. Whining about how easy it is to dunk on journalists when they get things wrong, Funke claimed he is trying to do his best.

What’s the meme? “You had one job.”

Well, Funke had one job: fact-checker. And he couldn’t even fact-check correctly.

The most hilarious thing about Daniel Funke is his Twitter bio. Funke claims that he is “checking facts + covering misinfo.” Really? Then he failed on both counts.

After the phony fact-check fiasco, USA Today’s parent company Gannett released a statement saying that as soon as they realized the fact-check was false, they corrected it. Gannett reiterated that their mission is to “report the facts as accurately as possible with no political agenda.”

Fact check: FALSE.

It was all political.