Facebook’s “Supreme Court” Slapped With More Than 1,000,000 Censorship Appeals

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to the Facebook Oversight Board’s first annual report, the “Facebook Supreme Court,” also known as the Facebook Oversight Board, received more than a million appeals from users of Facebook and Instagram seeking to challenge business restrictions.

The study was released last week and detailed the level of censorship on the network. The Board agreed that the number of millions indicated an “enormous pent-up demand” for the right to challenge Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram censoring decisions.

The Board stated that “the amount of cases filed relates to the relevance of the Board’s work to users.”

The Board found that more than eight out of 10 appeals concerned Facebook or Instagram’s guidelines on “bullying, hate speech, or violence and incitement.”

Here is the whole breakdown:
Bullying and harassment: 32.6%
Hateful remarks: 28.9%
Violence and incitation: 22.8%
Adult sexual behavior and nudity: 7.2%
Dangerous people, groups, and entities: 4.1 percent
4.4 percent were other.

Only 1% of requests came from Instagram users, with the majority being Facebook postings.

According to the report, the Board received an average of 2,649 appeals per day, with more than two-thirds of those coming from the United States, Canada, and Europe, which can be read in full here. Just the United States and Canada contributed over half (49.4%).
Therefore, most of those who think Facebook and Instagram are unfairly censoring them do so from countries in the so-called free west.

In its investigation, the Board noticed the tendency toward western nations: We understand that this distribution does not accurately represent the global distribution of Facebook and Instagram users. For instance, just six of the top 20 Facebook-using nations in 2019 were located in Europe or North America, while India had the highest proportion of Facebook and Instagram users worldwide. The smaller number of user appeals from users outside of Europe, the U.S., and Canada could also mean that many individuals using Facebook and Instagram in other parts of the globe are unaware that they have the right to challenge the Board’s decision over Meta’s content management.

The Oversight Board, a semi-independent organization with authority to hear complaints from Facebook and Instagram users and reverse content moderation decisions, was introduced in 2020. Due to the ideological leanings of its members, who predominately came from the liberal left, the Board rapidly drew criticism from conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic.