Facebook Is About To Copy China’s Algorithms For Going Viral

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to a leaked memo, Facebook staff have reportedly been issued a new missive- make the application more like TikTok.

An official at Facebook (now known as Meta) named Tom Alison outlined the strategy for the company’s future in a letter distributed internally in late April.

The primary newsfeed on Facebook will soon begin recommending posts without regard to who created them or where they originated. Previously, Facebook gave higher priority to posts coming from accounts that users followed. Years after separating the two, the firm intends to reunite its Facebook and Messenger apps to create a messaging system comparable to that of TikTok.

The modifications demonstrate how Facebook is putting significant effort into battling TikTok for social media domination. The adjustments emphasize Reels, which is Facebook’s TikTok clone feature that is included in Instagram. Facebook has a history of copying its rivals’ work, most notably when it began to imitate several of Snapchat’s features as its user base expanded.

According to reports, investors have started to worry that Meta’s inability to handle obstacles to its advertising business successfully could become a serious concern. For Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to see his vision of the future, the Metaverse, become a reality, the firm’s stock price needs to improve, and the company needs to keep up with its competitors.

In a remark posted underneath his April letter, Alison cautioned his staff members that the risk for them is to dismiss this as being not meaningful to people as a means of social communication and connection and that they fail to evolve.

The main page of the Facebook app will soon feature a combination of Stories and Reels at the top, and below that, the app’s discovery engine will promote posts from Facebook and Instagram. The app will emphasize videos more than text and provide more transparent cues to guide users in sending message posts to their pals. Additionally, Facebook intends to position a user’s Messenger inbox in the upper right-hand corner of the application.


Facebook’s popularity has dwindled amongst the youth who have long seen the app as a platform their grandparents use.