Experts Warn “Do Not Drown” Amid Heavy Rain Downpour

( Weather experts in St. Louis, Missouri area were telling residents to stay indoors and not to drown amid record rainfall that has shut down interstates and roads on July 26. A weather alert reported extreme flash flooding.

“Avoid flooded out roads and turn around, don’t drown. Find a new path if you encounter a flooded road! Flash flooding is occurring in parts of St. Louis after a record rainfall and more rain falling this morning. 6” to 10” of rain has fallen, and it is not over yet,” the alert read, adding that this is the biggest rainfall of 7.5 inches that has beaten the previous record of 24 hour rainfall at 7.02 inches back in August 1915.

Recent reports show that the rainfall has now reached a record of 8.63 inches.

Reports say that there was at least one death and images and footage during the storm showed that conditions are so bad that some people had to leave their homes.

Other images show cars submerged underwater. A Meteorologist for WTVC in Chattanooga, Tennessee tweeted that rescues in the St. Louis area continued after more rainfall at midnight.

St. Louis was hit was another heavy rainfall again on Thursday, July 28 according to St. Louis Post Dispatch. The storm lasted about two and a half hours, dropping 2-4 inches of rain. “The city’s central corridor and northwest side were drenched as interstates closed, businesses flooded and dozens of people needed rescuing from vehicles,” the outlet reported.

Residents grew increasingly frustrated as their homes flooded multiple times. Firefighters had to be dispatched to one scene where three adults and 15 children were stuck inside of a flooded daycare at a church in the 4700 block of Washington Boulevard.

“I’ve never seen a flood or anything like that before in my life,” said a resident who recently moved to St. Louis from southern California.