“Experts” Claim Incels Are Terrorists

(PresidentialWire.com)- Have you heard of the phrase “Incel”? It’s a term that refers to young men who describe themselves as “involuntarily celibate,” meaning that they struggle to date women and have normal social lives.

It’s not a movement, but instead a collection of people who talk online using forums and various social media. But for some reason, the far left and the political establishment is obsessed with the idea that people who are unhappy with modern dating, unhappy with feminism, and not keen to socialize with millennials and Gen Z types, are terrorists.

It comes after the United Kingdom saw its first tragic mass shooting in years. Jake Davison killed five people in Plymouth, England, last week. Victims included his own mother and even a three-year-old girl.

Davison was described as being an “incel,” leading the UK’s counter-terrorism officials to immediately point to the “incel movement” as a source of the attack.

The truth, however, is that Davison had an obsession with violent computer games and guns from the age of five – back when the “incel movement” didn’t even exist. He was a genuine misogynist, and he had mental health problems.

But that didn’t stop Nazir Afzal, the former chief crown prosecutor for the northwest of England, from saying that “misogynistic ideology” should be treated as terrorism, and that it could open up new avenues for police investigations in the future.

So, what does that mean?

Well, in the United Kingdom, if you are posting on the Internet about how feminism is hurting women, and how you find it difficult to date as a result…then you should probably get off the Internet.

Otherwise the police might soon turn up at your door…

Speaking to the Sunday Express, Afzal said that incels should be treated as terrorists so that authorities can gather intelligence and find out if they are conspiring with each other.

But perhaps what they might learn from this case is that Davison wasn’t conspiring with a mysterious movement of people. Maybe he was just mentally ill…