Even DEMOCRATS Are Questioning PA Gov’s Coronavirus Lockdown

(PresidentialWire.Com)- When Democrats are forced to admit they are wrong or question the actions of their elected representatives, you know something is seriously wrong. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat, is facing increasing pressure to relax the extensive lockdown measures implemented in his state. Governor Wolf implemented some of the strictest measures in the country, despite most coronavirus deaths occurring in nursing homes and medical care facilities.

According to the Morning Call, around 80% of all reported deaths in Pennsylvania that are connected to the coronavirus occurred either in a personal care facility or a nursing home for elderly or ill people. 247 of the deaths that were reported on Thursday, out of 310, occurred in facilities like these.

Chester County State Senator Andrew Dinniman slammed the measures put in place by the state government, despite being a Democrat himself.

“There is no excuse for what is going on, okay?” he said. “A total of 3,416 coronavirus deaths have been reported statewide through Thursday. Of those, 2,355 or nearly 69 percent were associated with nursing or personal care homes.”

The Morning Call reported more specific numbers, explaining how 177 deaths were reported in care facilities in Lehigh Valley, 100 of which came from Northampton County and 77 from Lehigh County. Nursing homes in both areas reported a “sharp increase in deaths” over the last week.

Here’s why this data matters.

While it is true that the lockdown measures are likely the reason why the only deaths taking place, or most of the deaths, in care facilities. These facilities house people who are most at risk of dying from the virus.

However, if the rest of the population isn’t dying, it means that the hospitals have the capacity needed to handle a surge in admissions if people were able to start going back to work. As part of President Trump’s reopening America plan, states are encouraged to start relaxing rules as soon as they can prove that they have the capacity to deal with any surge in admissions.

As of Saturday, reports showed a total of 3,616 deaths across the state. Most healthy and low-risk people are still being forced to stay at home.

Governor Wolf announced on Friday that 13 counties across the state will be allowed to move into the “yellow” phase of the economic reopening, however, this still comes with many restrictions. The Democratic governor continues facing a backlash both from Pennsylvania residents and from colleagues in the state legislature.