Eric Trump Reports Secret Security Footage Exposing Feds

( On Monday, Joe Biden and others of his lawless dictatorship conducted a raid and a search at the home of President Trump in Florida. New insights into the horrifying misuse of authority have just emerged.

During their fishing excursion, the FBI officers from Florida and Washington, DC, pawed over, searching through Mar-a-Lago, for hours. The sleazy FBI officers rifled through Melania Trump’s personal belongings in her closet.

They went through each and every room, possibly placing bugs around the building before they departed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation went through the former president’s private office for hours.

During an interview on Tuesday with The Daily Mail, Eric Trump stated that the Mar-a-Lago incident showed FBI officers acting inappropriately during the raid on Monday. Security cameras caught the FBI agents.

He claimed that the investigators were accessing parts of the Florida residence of his father, the former president Donald Trump, that they “shouldn’t have been.”

Eric said that the employees at Mar-a-Lago refused to turn off the surveillance cameras when asked to do so by the FBI. As a result, the cameras could record FBI agents conducting raids in places they were not permitted to go.

On Wednesday, he recalled that “there were thirty agents there.” He said the agents informed Trump’s attorney that they were required to vacate the premises as soon as possible. Turn off all surveillance cameras.

According to reports, Eric Trump stated that the FBI declined to provide the Trump attorney, Christina Bobb, who represents his father, a copy of the search warrant but instead “showed it to her from approximately 10 feet away.”
Eric stated that he would be “thrilled” to learn whether or not there was a legitimate cause for the search.

Many prominent attorneys, many of them Democrats, have expressed that this raid is unprecedented in American history and smacks of the inequity of how the FBI applies the law depending on your party affiliation.

Hillary Clinton comes to mind as someone who never incurred the wrath of the FBI after doing what Trump is accused of doing.