Eric Trump Releases Statement Blasting Hunter Biden

( Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax TV this week how the left-wing media is treated the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, completely differently than they did him. He blasted the media’s “disheartening” hypocrisy over Hunter Biden’s criminality and drug use, and hit out at their “unequal scales of justice.”

“You see how we were attacked by the media, you see how they weaponize the legal system against us, how they come after us every single day how they criticize us, how they parody us on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and you know we’ve lived honest lifestyles,” he told Greg Kelly.

“We’ve lived clean lifestyles. We haven’t gotten into trouble. We’ve never been to jail,” he added.

And yet, the Trump family has been targeted by the left-wing press more than any other presidential family in modern history.

He said that there is a “discrepancy” in how the media is now treating Hunter Biden, who has been the focus of several major controversies in recent years. After abandoning a laptop at a Wilmington, Delaware computer store, images and videos were recovered of Hunter Biden having sex with young-looking women and smoking various drugs.

Despite the shocking revelations, media outlets ignored the story entirely in the run-up to the presidential election, and after the fact began arguing that the laptop’s contents may be the result of Russian hacking.

“It’s very, very sad and it’s very disheartening,” Eric Trump said. “And that’s now how the system should work.”

Trump also said that he isn’t sure how many people could have withstood the barrage that his family received.

“And again, you know, I feel for Hunter,” he added. “I have friends who have died because of substance abuse. It’s no laughing matter.”

It shows just how seriously the Trump family takes substance abuse, with former President Donald Trump’s brother dying after years of struggling with alcoholism.

Eric Trump also discussed during the segment how his wife, Lara Trump, is leading the race for a possible North Carolina Senate run.

“She’s leading that race by about 30 points. It’s pretty incredible, and so you know, it’s something that she’s obviously considering,” he said.

He even said that people shouldn’t rule out his father for a 2024 run.

If that’s the case, then Eric Trump should probably prepare for yet more hypocrisy and unfair treatment from the press.