Epstein Evidence Reportedly Being Hidden By FBI

(PresidentialWire.com)- An online sleuth with a large following thinks he has discovered proof that the FBI may be holding potentially explosive secret records regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

A recent response to a Freedom of Information Act request, according to The Anonymous Techno Fog, a self-described lawyer and writer with almost 400,000 followers on Twitter and a well-read Substack blog, suggests the troubled bureau may be concealing something. All documentation pertaining to any interviews Epstein had with the FBI was sought by Techno Fog.

He posted the response he claimed to have received online: “The records responsive to your request are law enforcement records; there is a pending or prospective law enforcement proceeding relevant to these responsive records, and release of the information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings,”

Techno Fog tweeted that he requested the transcripts of the Jeffrey Epstein interview from the FBI.

“The FBI response: providing the Epstein records would interfere with law enforcement proceedings. Either the FBI is lying or something is up. (Bet on FBI lies…)
— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) September 9, 2022

Epstein, the enigmatic creep who housed many minors on his Caribbean island home and was known to mix with prominent figures such as former President Bill Clinton, died in 2019 while detained at the Manhattan Correctional Center.

His death was deemed a suicide at the time by authorities.

The FBI admitted that Epstein had worked as an informant by releasing earlier papers.
The FBI released a document through its information “vault” in 2018 with a note that stated, “Epstein has also delivered information to the FBI as agreed upon.” That cooperation most likely referred to the financier’s assistance with a probe into the now-defunct Bear Stearns investment bank, where he had worked.

Techno Fog questioned the claim that the documents were being protected because of an ongoing investigation and claimed that the agency’s denial of his request is a tacit acknowledgment that the bureau does have other records.

According to Technofog, “the Epstein records are more likely to humiliate the FBI.” “The DOJ and FBI have a history of abusing the law enforcement exception in the FOIA to withhold investigative materials from the public. We’ve observed them doing it. They’re doing it once more.

Techno Fog claims he filed the FOIA request because he believes Epstein and the FBI collaborated on prior child abuse cases. He says it is “very unlikely” that the documents’ release will “interfere with enforcement procedures.”