Emails Contradict What Biden’s Been Saying About COVID

( On Tuesday, an investigative reporter published emails that show the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded UC-Davis researchers who had partnered with EcoHealth Alliance on a pandemic preparedness program.

These emails, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, appear to contradict the government’s claims that the Defense Department has never directly or indirectly provided funding to EcoHealth Alliance, the nonprofit at the center of the COVID controversy.

Last year, separate leaked documents showed that EcoHealth president Peter Daszak had submitted a grant proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to collect bat viruses in China to conduct gain-of-function research with “humanized” and “batified” mice. DARPA rejected Daszak’s proposal after it determined it violated federal guidelines on gain-of-function research.

At the time, DARPA refused to confirm the details revealed in the leak but maintained that the agency has never directly or indirectly funded any research involving either EcoHealth or the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But the emails obtained by journalist Paul Thacker for his Substack newsletter “The Disinformation Chronicle,” appear to contradict DARPA’s earlier denials.

Just a few months after Daszak submitted his 2018 proposal to DARPA, UC-Davis researchers were discussing a pandemic preparedness program’s year-five budget figures for their partners, including Metabiota, the Smithsonian, and EcoHealth Alliance, in which the funding from DARPA was discussed.

For example, in an August 2018 email sent by Elizabeth Leasure, the financial operations manager for the UC Davis One Health Institute, Leasure discussed the budget for EcoHealth’s virus sampling in China and other countries. She indicated that a DARPA grant for this program would begin in October of that year. That money would be used to cover the staffing and other costs for EcoHealth and other UC Davis partners, Leasure explained.

Even with the release of these emails, DARPA continues to deny that the agency has ever directly or indirectly funded EcoHealth Alliance.

According to Paul Thacker, DARPA’s denials “add to a growing body of evidence that the Biden Administration is not interested in reviewing activities by EcoHealth Alliance.”

Read Thacker’s Substack article on the emails HERE.