Elon Musk Tells Accuser To Describe Markings He Has Privately If He Really Exposed Himself To Her

(PresidentialWire.com)- An allegation that Elon Musk participated in sexual misbehavior on a flight in 2016 was utterly incorrect and an effort to sabotage his acquisition of Twitter, according to Musk.

In a thread of tweets on Friday, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk called the flight attendant accusing him of sexual offense a “liar” and challenged her to supply proof to substantiate her claims that he exposed himself to her. He claims she will be incapable of doing so because it never happened. Musk claims that the attacks on him should be viewed through a political lens, and this is their typical disgraceful script. He insisted that nothing would stop him from fighting for a better future and for the freedom of speech.

Musk referred to a publication reporting a flight attendant’s allegations of a $250,000 settlement from SpaceX as a hit piece. The article reported an allegation of Musk exposing his erect penis, rubbing the leg of the flight attendant without permission, and trying to bribe the woman into a sexual massage in 2016. Musk alleged that their primary goal was to sabotage his purchase of Twitter. He claims the publication never asked him for comments before the article was released.
Musk then challenged the flight attendant to offer any information about the supposed encounter. He dared her to describe one thing, anything at all, whether it be scars or tattoos, that isn’t known to the public. He suggested she would not be able to because none of it happened.
According to reports, Musk requested Twitter users to call the controversy “Elongate” in reference to his tweet from 2021. He said that his favorite moniker for a crisis involving him, should one emerge, should be called ‘Elongate.’

“Finally, we get to use Elongate as a scandal name. It’s kinda perfect,” he snarked.
Elon Musk is attempting to purchase Twitter for $44 billion. But recently, he has raised the possibility of pulling out of the arrangement because of worries that Twitter is underreporting the number of fake, spam, and bot accounts on the platform.