Elon Musk Calls Hillary Clinton 2016 Tweet Campaign Hoax

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Friday, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook admitted that Hillary herself signed off on the campaign’s plan to pass on the bogus Trump/Alfa Bank “evidence” to a reporter.

Mook had been called by the defense in the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann who is charged with giving false statements to the FBI when he claimed in September 2016 that he was not bringing the Trump/Alfa Bank “evidence” on behalf of a client.

During cross-examination, Mook revealed that it was Clinton campaign general counsel, Marc Elias who first briefed him about the phony “backchannel” link between the Trump Organization server and the servers at Russia’s Alfa Bank.

Mook admitted that the Clinton campaign had its doubts about the veracity of the Alfa Bank “evidence,” so they discussed a plan to pass the data along to a reporter who could then chase it down and determine if the “evidence” had any merit.

In addition to discussing this plan with campaign chairman John Podesta, senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan, and communications director Jennifer Palmieri, Mook admitted that he also discussed it with Hillary Clinton and Clinton signed off on the plan.

Needless to say, Hillary’s direct involvement in leaking the phony claim to the press set off a firestorm on Twitter. And one of the people who noticed was Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

In a tweet over the weekend, Musk cited the October 31, 2016 tweet for Hillary Clinton where she promoted the bogus Alfa Bank story as an example of “disinformation” that has cropped up on Twitter.

Musk was replying to a tweet from someone who asked if, when he takes over Twitter, anything would be done about Hillary’s bogus tweet.

Musk described Hillary’s 2016 tweet as “a Clinton campaign hoax” and pointed out that Hillary’s lawyer is currently on trial for it. In his reply, Musk linked to a BBC article about the Sussmann trial.

One of the conservatives who has covered RussiaGate from the beginning noted that Musk tweeting about Durham’s investigation was going to expose the story to people who never heard a thing about it. Musk replied that he had only heard about it himself last month and he “was blown away.”