Election Workers Fired After They Shredded Voter Registration Applications

(PresidentialWire.com)- In a statement released on Monday, Fulton County officials announced that two election workers were fired for allegedly shredding 300 voter registration applications.

Preliminary information indicates that the employees checked out batches of applications for processing, then allegedly shredded some of the forms. Fellow employees reported the actions to their supervisor last Friday and the two employees were immediately fired.

According to the county, the applications were among those received in the previous two weeks. Fulton County includes most of the city of Atlanta, whose voters are set to go to the polls on November 2 to elect a mayor, City Council members, and other municipal officials. The registration deadline to vote in that election was October 4.

County spokeswoman Jessica Corbitt said it was not immediately clear if the 300 shredded voter registration records were lost entirely. Processing applications has several stages – entering them in the state system, updating them, and verifying the information. The county is examining whether that process had been completed at the time they were shredded.

Georgia voters don’t register by party, so the applications had no party affiliation.

Fulton County Registration and Elections Director Rick Barron reported the incident to the Secretary of State’s office of investigations. County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts also reported the matter to Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis for investigation.

In light of this incident, on Monday, Georgia’s top election official demanded that the US Department of Justice open a full investigation into election management in Fulton county.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office had opened an inquiry into the matter, but also believes it is time for federal prosecutors to review Fulton’s chronic election irregularities.

In a statement on Monday, Raffensperger said that, after twenty years of Fulton County’s documented failures, “Georgians are tired of waiting to see what the next embarrassing revelation will be.” He said that the Biden DOJ needs to investigate what Fulton County is doing and how the county’s voters have been disenfranchised “through incompetence and malfeasance.”

Whether or not the Biden Justice Department will investigate it remains to be seen. Making elections and voter registration safe and secure from malfeasance isn’t exactly their priority.