Dr. Oz Told Chinese TV He Didn’t Like Donald Trump’s Policies

(PresidentialWire.com)- In 2018, supposed “Republican” Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared on the Chinese state-run network CGTN where he voiced his opposition to former President Trump’s trade policies toward China.

But that was then.

Now that he is hoping to become the next Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz is pretending he is tough on China.

Dr. Oz last week urged President Joe Biden to “get tougher” on Beijing and accused the CCP of manipulating its currency and stealing US intellectual property.

But in his interview with CGTN in July 2018, Dr. Oz was singing a different tune.

Oz agreed with CGTN host Tian Wei that the US shouldn’t be in a trade war with China, saying he didn’t believe “trade wars are worth it.”

Oz went on to suggest the US and China collaborate closer in the field of healthcare, calling it “one of the ways we can bridge our relationship.”

As a television personality, Dr. Oz has raked in millions from China both from his TV show and sponsorship deals. He was in China in 2018 to promote the multi-level marketing company Usana which sells health and wellness products.

Usana also published a book co-written by Dr. Oz and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine professor Anlong Xu promoting traditional Chinese medicine.

While speaking at a medical summit with Usana executives, Dr. Oz praised China’s President Xi Jinping’s support for traditional Chinese medicine saying Xi “opened a portal” for Usana to sell its products in China.

And because he’s such a suck-up to the Communist Chinese Government, during the pandemic, Dr. Oz faced blowback for praising China’s draconian COVID response and even suggested early on that the United States should use China’s blueprint of aggressive crackdowns to slow the spread of COVID in the US.

So if you’re keeping score at home, this supposed “Republican” Senate candidate has now done a flip-flop on abortion on demand, gun control, and China.

It’s almost as if his entire campaign is built on a pile of lies.