Dr. Fauci Desperately Claims CDC Hasn’t Flip-Flopped At All

(PresidentialWire.com)- Now that the Federal Government is flip-flopping on COVID restrictions and masking, Dr. Anthony Fauci is back on television claiming that the government isn’t flip-flopping at all.

Because of course he is.

In an interview with “dumb as a rock” Mika Brzezinski (as Donald Trump calls her), Fauci claimed that it isn’t the CDC that has changed; the virus has changed.

Yes, the virus has changed . . . to one that is far less deadly.

In its cover story on Friday, the New York Post offered a graph to show just how many vaccinated people are suffering from severe breakthrough infections, and the graphic reveals the startling truth. Of the 161 million Americans vaccinated in the US, only 5,601 were hospitalized with a severe breakthrough infection of COVID-19. That amounts to 0.0035 percent of vaccinated people.

0.0035 percent.

And for that infinitesimal percentage of cases, the CDC is urging vaccinated people go back to wearing masks. And the White House is admitting that if “experts” or the “science” say to lock everything down again, the White House will listen to the “experts.”

Meanwhile, the confused old man in the White House is putting the blame for the cases of the delta variant on the stupid Americans who won’t get vaccinated.

During a Thursday press conference, a reporter asked President Biden why he isn’t pressing states and private businesses to mandate vaccinations. Rather than hold true to his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, Biden said he has asked the Justice Department to see if states can legally force citizens to get the COVID shots.

Speaking of flip-flopping, Biden also tried to reassure those who refuse to get vaccinated because they believe the vaccines were rushed through to emergency approval. Which is rather odd coming from a man who, last year, complained that the vaccines were being rushed to approval.

As he was leaving the press conference, a reporter asked about Biden’s own flip-flop on mask-wearing. And an agitated Biden blamed the return of masking on Americans refusing to get vaccinated.

This is the man who, when running for President, vowed that he would not shut down the economy. He would not shut down the country. Instead, he would shut down the virus.

He’s doing a bang-up job.