‘Downward Spiral’ Reported For Kamal Harris As Ninth Staffer Leaves In One Year

(PresidentialWire.com)- Twitter has been aghast at the disturbing high turnover of key staffers in Kamal Harris’s office.

@vander_gof wrote, “What an inspirational leader she must be.”

Another wisecracker, 2001, said, “That’s telling you something.”

The user with the most downbeat but accurate message was Jape Puntila, who quipped, “Kamala is in downward spiral.”

One incredulous commenter, Misterboop, asked, “Is there any staff left? Just another indication of Kamala Harris’ ineptitude….everyone’s bailing out so they are not associated with her and Joe!”

Tweeter DS wrote, “Not one. Not two, or even three. NINE.”

“Nine” refers to the latest staffer to resign, Sabrina Singh. Singh was the deputy press secretary for Harris. She is moving to the defense department.

On the other side of the Twitterati political spectrum, some people expressed a more flattering tone for Ms. Singh, not much care for the mocking jocularity of the right.

David Rothkopf, the left-leaning host of Deep State Radio, who also has a byline at the Daily Beast, wrote that b.s. stories about the normal departure of the VPs staff really burn him up.

He said that Harris is playing a vital role and is at the center of our most sensitive International and domestic issues and doing it well, contrary to the bogus press narrative.

People sympathetic to the Biden administration, and particularly Kamala Harris, complain that every departure of an aide or staffer is treated as another sign that something is deeply wrong, feeling that the scrutiny she receives is unprecedented.

Do they remember the Trump years?

Singh’s replacement is Ernesto Apreza, currently a senior adviser in the White House Office of Public Engagement. His role in the Harris office will focus on local and state press engagement.

He will also work closely with strategic coalition groups.

Other notable departures include:

-Communications director Ashley Etienne
-Press secretary Symone Sanders
-Director of press operations Peter Velz
-Deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs Vincent Evans.

Perhaps a revolving door could be earmarked for the Harris office in the next budget.